Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hyper V - General access denied error (0x80070005)

Got this error all of sudden when trying to create a new virtual machine. In terms of here, this problem is caused by Intel IPMI driver, but I doubt it. I don't remember installed any Intel driver on the server recently.

Anyway, this seems like caused by permission issue.  After quite a while investigation, this post seems like explained the cause and how to fix it. However, since I don't need to create new virtual machines frequently, I prefer "quick fix" as described below.

I noticed that the virtual machine folder was created, but only contains an empty "Virtual Machines" sub folder.

Right click this folder, and go to the "Properties" -> "Security", select "Virtual Machines" user group, then click "Edit" button, then select "Virtual Machines" user group again, we can see that this user group doesn't have any rights over the new folder.

Grant all rights to "Virtual Machines", then click "OK" button.

Back to the Hyper-V configuration wizard window, click "Finish" button.

The same error popped up again; "Failed to create external configuration store at ....". Close the error message window, then click "Cancel" button.

Back to the virtual machine list, a empty virtual machine item is created.

Go to its settings window.

Give it a proper name, then click "Apply" window.

It seems OK now. Then configure the other parts.

Create a new virtual hard disk, then specify DVD drive and network drive.

Below is the final settings.


This solution is far from perfect, but hopefully is good enough in most of cases.

[update - 20130528]

I think all the pain are caused by a special system and hidden group called NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\Virtual Machines. Please check here for details.

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  1. A similar error can some occur if AVG2013 is not temporarily disabled.