Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missing commands from SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

Yesterday I experienced a strange issue: some commands disappeared from SharePoint 2010 Management Shell!

 Like the screenshot below, the commands "New-SPAccessServiceApplication", "New-SPExcelServiceApplication" are not in the command list.

I checked the SharePoint version, which tells me 14.0.6029 (RTM with SP1).

Then I checked PowerShell Snapin, which is also correct as shown below:

 Since there is no error message regarding the missing commands, I removed and then reloaded the SharePoint PowerShell Snapin, then everything back to normal as shown below.

I got this issue when trying to build a farm through PowerShell scripts. Initially there is no SharePoint farm, so PowerShell cannot load some Snapin completely.  That's why we need to reload "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" after installing the core part (Initialize-SPResourceSecurity, Install-SPService, Install-SPApplicationContent, etc.)

Hope this post can save you some time.

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