Monday, July 23, 2012

VMWare Player 4 installation error

I was quite surprised that this problem was still there.

Error message:

The MSI 'C:\Users\efang\AppData\Local\Temp\vmware_1343014834\vmwarevmcisockets64.msi' failed.The older version of VmciSockets cannot be removed.  Contact your technical support group.

It seems many people got the same issue, and there is no easy way to resolve the problem. (Many people end up with re-installing the whole host machine)

I don't know exactly what caused this problem, but obviously it is caused by some problem in the registry table. After uninstall all VMWare products, I tried search for "vmware" in registry table "HKLM\SOFTWARE", and deleted all VMWare relevant items.

Then, the installation goes well.

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