Saturday, February 1, 2014

InfoPath is dead, then what will happen on SharePoint?

InfoPath is dead, but, it has been deeply integrated with SharePoint!

I knew it was going to die, and still get shocked by this news. However, after one minute, I realized that it could be good to all SharePoint professionals. We all know that there are so many limits/drawbacks with InfoPath, so a new form system could bring tremendous benefit to users.

The only question is, will the new system be as expensive as InfoPath? Does it need all users own a SharePoint Enterprise CAL even if they only want to view the forms?

Hopefully not.


  1. Frankly I'm disapointed. I've spent alot of time understanding the product, its limitations, developed techniques to overcome them, built many an application using them etc. I don't know what the big deal was with other developers.

    1. I also built a few projects using InfoPath. The clients were amazed that I could get things done so quick.

      However, with so poor support of HTML5 and Javascript, MS may not have much choice.