Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to enable "Asset library" template

After creating a new site collection based on "Blank" site template, I noticed that "Asset library" template is not there. Then I enabled "SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features" and "SharePoint Server Standard Site features", with no luck. Then "Wiki Page Home Page" feature, still no luck.

Internet search brings me to this post, and a few other similar posts, which all says that we need to enable "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure". I am pretty sure that would work. However, "Publishing" feature is really a big chunk of stuff, and we lose "save as template" functionality after enabling it. I don't want to do that.

Thanks for the post All SharePoint Features, we can simply enable "Asset Library" feature, through the PowerShell script below.

# 4bcccd62-dcaf-46dc-a7d4-e38277ef33f4
Enable-SPFeature -identity "AssetLibrary" -URL ""

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