Monday, July 13, 2015

The feature we really need in SharePoint (but may not get it in the next 30 years)

Recently I uploaded all my photos and videos to “Google Photos”, and realized that Google recognized all metadata and keywords of each photo and video automatically.

That resolved the most painful issue of photo management.

Then I realized that this is the critical feature we need in SharePoint.

When millions of files are stored in SharePoint, it's almost impossible to ask thousands of users to attach "tags" manually to documents. And, when the content of a file is changed, sometimes we also need to update the relevant metadata.

However, it's easy to understand that's much more complex than attaching tags to photos and videos. AI needs to understand the documents, to some extent.

Let's wait for SharePoint 2040.


PS: If this is technically impossible, I hope SharePoint can offer some "possible tags" when a document is uploaded. That should not be too hard.

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