Friday, October 14, 2016

The smart watch everyone needs

There are many different types of smart watch on the market. The question is, do we really need them? Do they really change our life style? How many people need to record their heart beat / blood pressure / location all the time? Do we enjoy playing games on "watch"? Do we really want to use "smart watch" to replace "smart phone"? All current smart watches are developed in wrong direction. Watch is very small, but most vendors want to copy the features from smart phone to it! It's like what Microsoft did before: replicate Windows OS to smart phone. This attempt is doomed to fail from the very beginning. From my point of view, a smart watch everyone needs is a simple one with the features below. No fancy appearance, and it is not going to compete with smart phone. 1. Identity verification. I don't want to carry keys, security passes, membership cards, discount cards, library card, drive license, credit cards, transportation card, cash, etc. And, I even don't need to carry mobile phone everywhere. Smart watch is a perfect device for identity verification: light, handy, not likely to left on car / office / home / hotel, or get stolen. Work with fingerprint scanning, it's also much more secure against hacker's attack. At checkout desk of supermarket, no need to take credit card / cash / smart phone out of pocket any more, just raise your hand, put your finger on the watch, "Beep", done. Do we still need wallet? I doubt it. 2. Receive “Check Code” How many passwords do we need to memorize? How complicated each one need to protect you to resist attacks? With the help of this watch, all online system can turn into "passwordless". Want to log on email system? Please enter your email address, then click "submit" button, wait for a few seconds later, enter the "Check Code" just received on watch, then click "submit" again, done. 3. Receive notification For any important action online, such as payment, no matter it's through credit card or PayPal, or just getting the salary of last week, we can get notification in almost real time.
The same notification can also be sent to specified email account.
So, if anything goes wrong, we can respond in short time. 4. Long lasting battery We don't need to keep the watch running all the time. It should be "wake up" instantly when making payment, and then go to sleep again. So, we may only need to run it for a few minutes a day, which means, it can last for months in one charge! When the battery needs recharge, we will get notification. 5. Remote control / No keyboard. We should not be able to enter any text on the watch. So, all configuration is done through computer or smart phone remotely. That's one of the major differences between Watch and Phone. 6. Tough No dust, no water, no shock, and works well in extreme temperature. 7. Enclosed environment This watch is critical to user's daily life, so, security gets highest priority. To minimize risk, it should not allow any third-party software. 8. Date / Clock Only provide basic information. 9. GPS and Emergency report No map needed, but it's nice to know that you can always get help, anywhere, anytime. 10. Privacy OK, this is the inevitable drawback of this watch. But, as it doesn't collect information more than current mobiles, I assume it's fine. How much I am happy to pay for this kind of watch? $200 is fine. But, I think, Google may be happy to give people for free, as exchange of their personal information.

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