Thursday, November 3, 2016

SharePoint needs lightning fast list and library

After the performance test last time , I realized that SharePoint was still so slow comparing to database system (such as SQL Server). I understand that SharePoint is designed for "people access", not a data repository for other computer system, from the very beginning.

But things are changed.

For current enterprises, SharePoint and commercial database system are the major places to host data. Database is fast, but it's really designed for developers. Normal business users cannot easily create tables, add columns, enter data, and manage the whole database. So, they don't have choice. If there are some data they want to share with other people, they have to put it into SharePoint. What if they want to share 50,000 records? They have to copy them to a SharePoint list. It's painfully slow.

We know why SharePoint is so slow. It provides item-level permission control, versioning, auditing......What if users don't need those features, and just want to share a lot of data with other people or another computer system?

That's what is needed: fast list and library. Users still can create list, add/remove columns, create list view......but no other extra features. It's like a database table in SharePoint, but we still can use CAML query to retrieve data, we still create create list views.

If the list/library is created for people access, it should be based on traditional list templates. If we just need something similar to database table, then we can use "fast list".

"Fast list" is even critical for Office 365: if Microsoft wants to use SharePoint as the major place to host data, performance is extremely important.

By the way, do we still need MS Access then?   :-)

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