Saturday, February 4, 2017

My thoughts about "GitLab Outage"

Everyone heard the news of GitLab Outage.

Yes, we should use "tools" to do the administration work, and always test those tools in DEV environment first.

For SharePoint, although I have some tools to help manage site collections, the easier way is to build some "PowerShell" scripts toolsets.

Apart from that, in my opinion, the most important part is to split the huge database into many small databases, and keep those databases light-coupling.

Yes, it's just like what SharePoint does with site collections.

I have to confess: although I tried my best not to touch the production environment, and not to log on as system administrator, but, sometimes, I still deleted something accidentally, in Production environment!

Lucky that there are more than 150 site collections. So the damage only affect a small group of users, and it's not too hard to "recover" the changes.


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