Monday, March 7, 2011

Always under read-only mode when open file from search result?

Today got an interesting issue.

For the same word or excel file, we can go to the list view, click the "Edit in Microsoft Excel" from the context menu, then open it through Microsoft Excel 2010 and edit it without any problem. However, on one computer, when trying to open it from search result, it is always opened in "Read-Only" mode, and no way to modify it!

Compare it to other computer, the light yellow warning message bar "Server Read-Only  This workbook was opened from a server in read-only mode." and button "Edit Workbook" is missing from MS Excel program.

Since the problem only happens on one computer, there must be something wrong in that environment.  After some struggling, the solution comes quite simple: just need to enable "Office Document Cache Handler" add-on in IE.


  1. Was this resolved? Haing the same issue.

  2. I have this problem but it is already enabled. Disabling and reenabling does not resolve issue

  3. This helped my situation. Thanks!

  4. If you have problem within the server check this link

  5. Thanks man.

    More happy users here :D

    For sys admins:
    Here is how to enable the Add-on via GPO:

  6. Hey I'm having this issue, but I think mine is a permissions one as it is only related to one site, not all sites... and only when links are emailed from the site they open as read only. If clicked on directly from site, works fine.

  7. Hi guys,

    there's another possible solution when you find the "Edit Workbook" button is missing.

    Open "Excel-Options" and in Trust Center adding the URL of your SharePoint site to the list of Trusted Locations on the net.


  8. I also have this problem but it is already enabled...

  9. Great solution, thanks a lot!