Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update or Delete Multiple list items using SharePoint Designer Workflow

It cannot be done through OOTB activities, so I built one. :-)

Unfortunately it asks for CAML, so it is not designed for normal business users. Any way, it's not hard to build CAML where clause through this link.

The CAML should be something like "<Where><Contains><FieldRef Name='field1' /><Value Type='Text'>aa</Value></Contains></Where>".

I plan to build similar one based on list view in the next few days. Business users can use it, but that also means we cannot build dynamic filter in workflow.

You can get the wsp file and all source code through the link below:

update ListItems By CAML

delete ListItems By CAML

Update (24/03/2011):

Business users can enjoy them now:

update Items By Listview

delete ListItems by Listview

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  1. Thanks very much. Saved me a headache.