Friday, September 30, 2016

SharePoint 2016 Data Access Performance test

Four years ago, I did a simple data access performance test on SharePoint 2010 ( ). Today, same test was done on SharePoint 2016.

Test environment is similar. Host machine is Ivy bridge core i7 + Samsung 840 Pro SSD + 32GB RAM, and the SharePoint 2016 virtual server is with 4 CPU cores and 12GB RAM. Most of the SP services (including Search service) are disabled. SQL Server is 2016 DEV CU2 with maximum 4GB RAM on the same virtual machine. During test, only 6GB RAM is consumed on SP server.

The test result is a bit disappointing. The only improvement is "bulk update", and others are much slower.

Plan to do a similar test on SharePoint Online in the near future, through PowerShell + CSOM. Hopefully it's more interesting.

To make it easier for comparison, SharePoint 2010 test result is copied as below.

SharePoint 2010.

ActionSingle, 1 threadBulk, 1 threadSingle, 4 threadBulk, 4 thread

Here is SharePoint 2016.

ActionSingle, 1 threadBulk, 1 threadSingle, 4 threadBulk, 4 thread
Single, 1 thread

Bulk, 1 thread

Single, 4 thread

Bulk, 4 thread

[update, 2016-10-19]

Windows Form program:

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